In an era of high awards from litigation and increasing losses by insurers, thorough investigations have proven an effective tool in reducing fraudulent claims.  As the retail marketplace continues to become more challenging and operating results become ever more important, loss prevention organizations must learn to thrive on change and seek constant performance improvement.

Statistics indicate that many business failures result from losses due to internal theft or industrial espionage. RMS specializes in the prevention and detection of internal theft, espionage, fraud, kickbacks and accident investigations. Workers Compensation fraud and malingering claims cost businesses millions of dollars each year.

We conduct civil and criminal investigations and provide the information, facts and analysis to assist in the successful conclusion to an investigation. We provide this information in whatever format suitable for you.

With our experienced investigators,

  • we are able to gather witness information through interviews and statements
  • we advise on security systems and other methods of safeguarding proprietary information
  • confirmation of applicant histories
  • employee integrity testing; internal/external theft investigations
  • undercover operations.

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