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  • Respected Training Worldwide

    At RMS, the quality and experience of our trainers is our best asset. Our focus is on creating security training programs that meet the individual needs of our customers. We don’t subscribe to a one size fits all program.

    We teach a proactive and preventative approach to security. We believe that security needs to have the appropriate amount of visibility to be a deterrent without being intrusive. The world can be a dangerous place so we train our personnel for whatever scenario may occur, our goal is to prepare and train for the unexpected.

  • Discreet Investigative Services

    We bring specialized resources and expert guidance to protect and preserve our clients interests.

    We take pride in providing results oriented solutions to issues. The necessity to make timely, well-informed decisions based on all available information is more pertinent than ever.

    We assist our client’s in-house security professionals to safeguard the company’s assets, intellectual property, and computer systems, as well as the physical safety of employees and visitors. We identify protection goals and objectives consistent with their individual corporate strategic plans and security policy standards. We assist our clients to oversee the investigation of security breaches and assist with disciplinary and legal matters associated with such breaches.

  • VIEVU Body Worn Video Cameras

    VIEVU wearable video cameras significantly improve the efficiency of documentation and reduce time wasted on written reports.

    Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police

    The Association continues to strive to increase the efficiency of law enforcement agencies for the protection and service of the people of Ontario.

    ASIS International Toronto Chapter

    The ASIS International Toronto Chapter is an association comprised of security professionals that are members, associates or guests.

    Canadian Security Association

    The Canadian Security Association(CANASA) is the national non-profit organization, established in 1977, dedicated to promoting the interests of its members and the safety and security of all Canadians