About Us

RMS provides risk management and investigative services to protect people, property and other assets, regardless of whether we are dealing with regular business operations or a major crisis. Drawing on our expertise gained while working for various government agencies prior to becoming part of the RMS team, our management group has the personal experience and contacts to deal with matters regionally, nationally and globally. We bring specialized resources and expert guidance to protect and preserve our clients interests.

We take pride in providing results oriented solutions to issues. The necessity to make timely, well-informed decisions based on all available information is more pertinent than ever. We assist our clients in gaining a better understanding of possible threats to their organizations, before they have an opportunity to negatively impact their organization.

We assist our client’s in-house security professionals safeguard the company’s assets, intellectual property, and computer systems, as well as the physical safety of employees and visitors. We identify protection goals and objectives consistent with their individual corporate strategic plans and security policy standards. We can assist our clients to oversee the investigation of security breaches and assist with disciplinary and legal matters associated with such breaches.