Executive Protection Training

RMS Executive Protection Training

We understand that executive protection is critically important in the security field, it requires the highest level of skills, know-how, practical experience, quality of people and seriousness of all the various security fields, especially because the danger to a human life is the gravest and  most immediate.

We believe that our students need to be equipped with unique, effective tools and strategies for dealing with all forms of potentially violent behaviour. Our executive / close protection course is designed for anything from a day of travel or meetings to attending in the most hostile of environments. This unique training course is one of our most complete training packages, covering a wide range of high level specialist security skills.

We train our personnel to deal with issues ranging from persons who wish to simply disrupt a principal’s day or route to those that would cause serious harm or worse.

When executive protection is done properly, threats are recognized and dealt with without any noticeable deviation from a planned  route or exercise.

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